Learn to Play Guitar Online in 3 Easy Steps

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Amidst this pandemic, our outdoor activities have become limited to a great deal. What seemed normal back then seems like anything but. Whether it was going to school, gym, parties or guitar lessons—wait, did someone say Contemporary christian worship music and tutorials online, guitar lessons? Well, not anymore. Before you start wondering, no, we have not found the secret recipe to produce Corona Virus vaccine but it is something far simpler than that. With the right resources, and by that we mean, the right internet searches, you can get started from basics and go all the way to playing the right chords and hitting the notes. So let’s get started!

The following article will teach you to play guitar in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Learning the Basics

The first step is to get your guitar and a tuner – you may also want to learn christian songs on guitar with chords online. We are obviously not asking you to get a fancy one that costs thousands of dollars. You can start with a simple one as long as you have the passion and potential to do better. Make sure you have pick and strap to get started regardless of your guitar type (acoustic or electric guitar). However, you may need an amplifier and a cable if you’re practicing on an electric guitar. This will ensure that you hear the original and raw sound of your chords. It is also recommended to get an electric tuner so you can align everything in the right pitch. If unavailable, you can also buy tuning forks.

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Step 2: Know your Guitar Body

You cannot play the best if you do not know the features of your instrument for easy christian songs for bass. Just like before treating a wound, you analyze it properly, you must become familiar with your guitar body. Make sure you know everything about the strings, parts and controls of your guitar so you will know when and where to hit the right chord. In standard tuning, the guitar strings are E, A, D, G, B and e. the second is lowercase e because it has a higher pitch than the capital E.

You can also search on Google to look for the parts that fall under your specific guitar or worship piano tutorials online. For example, the parts and controls of Les Paul and Telecaster are fairly different.

Step 3: Time to Tune

Last but not the least, it’s time to tune your guitar or worship drumming tutorials online. After you have become familiar with your chords and notes, thanks to online worship vocal lessons, you can finally proceed towards the final step. It is advisable to use an electronic guitar or even a tuning fork to adjust all 6 strings by either loosening it tightening them. If you are newbie, you can get yourself acquainted with the standard tuning that is E, A, D, G, B, e but if you have been practicing for quite a while now, you can explore other tunings.

All in all, you can save your money and of course, time as well by learning to play guitar online. Self- taught individuals can also reach great heights of success if you have got the right amount of enthusiasm in you. Happy Guitar Playing!

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