Home Automation Enhances the Convenience and Longevity of Life

Smart Homes are the future. This concept of smart home has taken the country by storm in recent years with a great deal of publicity from Hollywood movies to top selling books. These houses can be programmed to include all or only the items that people want; they can control each aspect of their home remotely from anywhere in the world. They have the latest computer technology with state of the art wiring and integrated lighting and heating systems to provide comfort and maximum functionality. The systems can be monitored or controlled from any location via a wireless network and have many added advantages such as automation, home security and energy management.

Home automation or domotic is basically construction of a home, termed a smart home. A smart home South Morang will monitor and control various home features including temperature, lighting, security systems, and appliances with the use of internet and / or cellular towers. It can also contain security measures including intruder detection, motion detectors and fire alarms. A smart home will use wireless devices or appliances as opposed to wired devices, and will allow the easy and safe installation of key-chain or other devices and controls within the house.

One area where smart homes are being used to great effect is the garage door and lighting areas. Many garages now include a home automation system with garage door openers, indoor lighting and security cameras. Garage doors can also be remotely controlled and opened from inside the house using a smartphone, smart phone or other handheld device. The garage door opener is connected to a battery, which needs to be recharged periodically and must remain fully charged while in use.

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Security companies are currently offering free home security monitoring with the purchase of a smartphone package. Consumers interested in these security devices should contact their security provider to inquire about free trials. These packages typically include two-way voice transmissions by the smartphone to the base station, which monitors and controls the security cameras and lights. Security companies that offer smart home automation packages usually also offer additional services like the ability to control additional outside lighting, remotely activate motion sensors and remotely deactivate exterior lights.

Many consumers with older homes are also finding smart home automation systems useful. Older homes often have single-line or wired switches and controls, which can be difficult to program and use. Installation of wireless home automation devices by a local electrician South Morang allows older homeowners to have complete control over the entire home’s lighting, heating, security and other home automation devices through the use of a smartphone or similar mobile device. iControl provides both lighting controls and home automation options through the use of a mobile app. Consumers can set up rooms and areas of the home to be controlled by a smartphone app via the iPhone or Android smartphone, and remotely control the various home automation devices with the flip of a smartphone switch.

Consumers can also take advantage of smart home security systems and accessories to protect their homes and valuable property. Consumers may install smart home doors and window alarms with the click of a smartphone app, which has the capabilities to protect homes from burglary and window breaking with video surveillance and microphone recording. Smart homeowner security options like smart home locks provide extra layer of protection by employing biometric fingerprint technology that stores the fingerprint of the user in the system and only opens the door or window when the user’s finger is present. The most advanced in this technology is the iControl system, which automatically unlocks the door or window upon detection of a finger print. Additional options that may be installed in a smart home security system are smoke and heat detectors, motion detectors and other sensors that would allow a homeowner to monitor the location of fire or other emergency situations outside the home.

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