Common Electrical Problems and How an Electrician Can Solve Them

There are some electrical issues that are common for everyone to experience. These issues can be a big nuisance and even dangerous if they are not addressed promptly.

Having an electrician check out your wiring and other problems is highly recommended. This will help you avoid costly repairs or even a home fire.

Electrical Shocks

A shock from a power source can be extremely dangerous, and it’s vital that anyone who receives an electric shock seek medical attention as soon as possible. This is not only to ensure that any physical injuries are treated, but it also helps prevent and treat internal damage caused by the current.

Getting a shock from a switch, outlet or electrical cord can cause damage to the heart and nerves, so even if you don’t see any physical burns it is important to visit a doctor to be assessed. It is also a good idea to avoid using electrical appliances in wet areas, and to have all your power tools, appliances and electric leads regularly tested and tagged.

Flickering lights or tripped circuit breakers are often signs of an issue with your home’s wiring. Older homes, in particular, are prone to this problem as the wiring deteriorates over time. This can lead to loose or exposed wires, and is a fire hazard. Having an electrician South Morang redo your wiring is a big job, but it is essential to maintain the safety of your home.

A hot light switch or warm outlets are also signs of an electrical issue. If you notice this, or if a light bulb flickers between levels of brightness, shut off your power at the breaker box and call an electrician as soon as possible.

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Circuit Overload

One of the most common electrical problems is circuit overload. Overloading happens when the demand for electricity exceeds a circuit’s capacity, which can lead to fires and other serious damage to your home or business.

Circuit overload is often caused by plugging too many devices into the same circuit, especially appliances with high current demands like microwaves, electric kettles and toasters. These appliances should be plugged into different circuits to avoid overheating or damaging your wiring. Overusing extension cords and power strips also contributes to circuit overload.

Overloaded circuits can be identified by frequent tripping of breakers or blowing of fuses. You might also notice a burning smell near outlets or switches, which can indicate overheating wires and internal breakdowns.

Ideally, you should keep the number of devices on each circuit to under 15 or 20 watts of power. If you have more than this, it’s time to add a new circuit or make other adjustments. For example, you can move appliances with higher wattages to another general-purpose circuit, or you can install a new breaker box that provides more slots for breaker or fuse replacement. An electrician Eltham can help you figure out the best solutions for your unique needs. An experienced and licensed electrician can also repair your existing electrical system to prevent future circuit overloads.

Faulty Wires

Faulty wiring can be a major fire or electrocution hazard. If you see flickering lights or a burning smell, turn off the power at the breaker box and call an electrician immediately. An electrician will be able to examine the problem and recommend a safe fix.

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If your fuses keep blowing or the circuit breaker keeps tripping on a particular outlet, this is an indication that it is overdrawing the outlet. It is normal for a breaker to trip when you plug in an appliance that demands more power than the outlet can provide, but this could be a sign that there is a larger issue that needs to be addressed.

You should also be aware of any outlets that become hot to the touch. Electricity may make the switch plate or outlet slightly warm, but it should never be uncomfortably hot. This means that the wiring is exposed, and an electrician should inspect it as soon as possible.

If your home has a lot of receptacles, it can be hard to track when one of them is worn out and starting to break down. When this happens, the contacts in the receptacle may wear down and begin to spark as electricity jumps from one to another. It is important to have these receptacles replaced as soon as possible to prevent a dangerous arc from forming, which could burn down your home or cause an electric shock.

Burning Smell

When a burning smell is coming from a socket, it’s a good idea to shut off power at the circuit breaker until an electrician can visit. This is a sign that wires are overheating and posing a fire risk to the house. Often, the smell is caused by old or damaged wiring.

Over time, electrical outlets can become worn or damaged, which can lead to loose connections and overheating. The resulting smell can be quite unpleasant and the damage may even cause a fire. The same problem can also occur when a homeowner adds appliances to a home’s existing wiring, which is not designed to handle the additional power load.

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Another common electrical problem is a breaker that trips frequently, especially when multiple appliances are in use. This is a sign that the breaker does not have enough capacity to safely carry all of the current being used in the house. In many cases, homeowners try to remedy this issue by installing additional outlets on their breaker panel.

Finally, a lack of electrical outlets in a home can lead to overuse of extension cords and quickly overloaded circuits. An electrician can install new outlets and advise on other electrical upgrading work a homeowner might need to do to prevent issues like burning smells from occurring. All of these electrical problems can be very dangerous if not handled quickly and correctly.